Saturday, 3 January 2015

What's missing // one word

As I navigated my way through last year with honour as my guiding word, I was so very aware of all that was missing in my days. As well as the rituals, choices and activities I was consciously choosing that honoured my heart, body and mind, of course. But the missing things, they just really stood out. 

Ever so slowly I started adding these back into my life. I wondered how they disappeared in the first place, and saw that it was so easy to bench the things that lifted me up in order to get the day-to-day done. 

But, and this is the best part, when I added those missing things in (hello five minutes solo time sitting at the beach before heading to work; reading and getting immersed in fiction once again; more playing with my girls and scrapping our so-called agenda for a while and letting spontaneity take hold a little more often) I felt so much more alive. 

I felt like I was honouring the true me. And doing this brought me more energy, more time for what I wanted to do and what needed to be done. It bought me closer to my heart. And I found more energy to give.

It's also lead me to this year's word: joy. In fact by late last year, I knew joy was the one. Because all those missing bits equated to adding little sprinklings of more joy back into my days. 

So there it is - a wish, an intention, for joy to be my guide. And with a new little one to join our family mid this year, joy + love are so much in my heart and on my mind right now.


~ Sharing my one word with Maxabella Loves here

Have you chosen a guiding word this year? Any wishes, hopes or plans for 2015? xx

Friday, 26 December 2014

Catching my breath + the happiest news

I've spent the past two months catching my breath (courtesy of a whirlwind of work, nausea, preparations for end of kinder / start of school for miss five, and exhaustion). 

And searching for more breath. (When breathwork is at the core of your meditation practise, a family of four taking turns at gastro then two weeks of a lingering cough/cold certainly gets in the way). 

And then finally making time to just breathe. 

And this time around just breathing meant abandoning a few of things I wanted to be doing, mainly being here writing about new-found joy, excitement, anticipation and all the growth these past five months have entailed.

Instead I found myself sitting a lot, witnessing, reflecting. And watching my girls (now five and three) ever so closely. All of sudden they seem so big, so grown up. I want to bottle their energy as it is now, to savour and remember these moments. I've felt scared I'll forget the little things they say, their laughter as it is now, us as we are now. Each day they are growing, changing, learning, and it felt like I couldn't keep up. 

A fortnight ago miss three and I sat in the grass. She picked daisies. I sat down to breathe, to stretch and soak up the sunshine, my camera by my side; and all the while admiring her abundance of energy - energy I was lacking. 

After beheading more daisies then her little hands could hold, she decided to slow down, join my pace and copy my pose - that's her in the image above.

And it was then I felt myself taking a deeper breath and only then noticing the breath cycle I'd be living in, despite stopping to breathe being a focus in my days.

It was then I realised I don't need to keep up with my girls, I just need to show up. To be there in the moment with them as much as I can; to love them; to be a witness to (and encourage) their curiousity, creativity, kindness, wonder and love; to share my heart with them and to sit back and soak up our days and our rhythms (even the messy ones) with a big breath. And to know and accept that there will be times I'll wish I'd done things differently. 

And as I step into week 21 of growing our newest baby girl - hopefully that explains my nausea, exhaustion and absence from the blog :) - I'm breathing easier than before; and making wishes for a new year with joy and love as our guides.


How are you? Are you breathing freely? Any happy news to share? xx    

Friday, 21 November 2014

Hello heart

~ This piece was originally written for the free ebook Listen to the Voice of Your Heart but I just know these words are meant to be shared here too ~

Say inner compass and I get lingering with my heart. Always a good thing. This heart of mine has plenty to say. Only I spent a long while pushing it aside; ignoring its whispers and gentle tugs. I was too busy you see, listening to my head – it’s also never short of a word. 

Truth is {and I still get a little embarrassed admitting it} it took this body of mine falling apart – practically kicking and screaming at me from the inside – before I started listening. And when I did, when I first stopped to say hello heart, and listen for its answer – wow! My heart spoke words of wisdom, comfort and love – and it had the answers I’d been searching for, it knew how to heal, and it offered guidance as I navigated change. So much change.

The more I listen to my heart, the more wisdom it reveals. Here’s a little of what I’ve learnt, but of course the learning continues...

~ A heart practise makes me a better version of me.

Doing a little something that speaks to my heart each day is essential to my wellbeing. I used to think of this as indulgent. Not anymore. I know this makes me a better version of me. By tuning in to my heart, my core, my essence I not only give myself energy to simply be, but I create more energy to give.

Finding that little heart-centred something can be the tricky part, as well as finding the time. For me, a simple mindful exercise can be enough. Stepping outside, looking to the sky and giving thanks each morning (a two-minute ritual, perhaps less) can begin my day. Sometimes I’ll escape to the beach (often with my two daughters in tow) to sit and just be, to take photographs, to breathe. Some days it’s not until late at night when the house is quiet that I can find that heart time – and it’s often meditation, yoga or journaling that speak to my heart loudest. Sometimes stopping to check in with my breath can be enough, and less than a minute can be all it takes.

~ Just breathe.

At perhaps the most crucial, sometimes fear-driven, sometimes anxious and sometimes uncertain times of my life, I have turned to my heart and I’ve heard “just breathe”. Putting these two little words into action can be so powerful.

I like to remind myself that to breathe is to have life. And with each slow conscious inhalation and exhalation, I give myself an opportunity to tune into my heart and my body, to notice little moments, to reconnect, to simply be. Just breathing, placing one hand on my heart and one on my torso and feeling that breathe, being with that breath – that’s as good a meditation as any for me.

I think our hearts are full of lessons and love and a wondrous energy that thrives on connection. I think when we tune in to our hearts, when we really listen and express from there, that’s when anything is possible. I think that’s when we learn that something extra about ourselves that can be the change we need in our world.


~ I wrote this piece for a free ebook by my inspiring friend Deb (jewelry designer, writer and author of the blog Inner Compass Designs). The nurturing ebook titled Listen to the Voice of Your Heart is filled with heart-centered words from 14 women sharing their journeys, their wisdom, their hearts, what they know to be true. You can download it for free here.