Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Head & heart

I've been missing writing, and perplexed because perhaps for the first time in two and a half years I have felt unable to
write for here. For this space that's become an extension of my heart.

Despite my feet-on-the-ground and mindful intentions, my head went skyward - thinking, thinking, dreaming a little and unable to make a decision. Because, of course, the decision was not for my head at all, but for my heart. Funny that.

And when I checked in with my heart, it whispered find your joy. And that's where I've been. Finding my joy which
turns out is mostly just being, writing and creating from my heart (hello new prints, and an amazing new vision board), practicing yoga, talking and playing with my girls, time with family, reading fiction and neglecting my
facebook page

And while the past two weeks my energy has returned, it does feel a lot like I had to step back a few paces in order
to move ahead.


What's bringing you joy today? 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

What's filling your bucket?

This week I helped out at miss four's kinder, and the topic of conversation on the mat was "What's filling your bucket?" And by that the teacher was referring to what's filling your heart - what makes you feel good about yourself and feel full of love - and what you can do to fill others' buckets - acts of kindness, comfort, friendship. It reminded me of this post. And it also sparked a conversation about what empties our buckets. 

Here were 20 four and five-year-olds openly sharing the words that fill them up, and words that can tear them down. And knowing the difference, and having an understanding of the impact our words and actions can have on others. 

And while this is pretty much my parenting aim - to fill my girls up with love, and help them identify all their emotions, and accept them too - I couldn't be more grateful that my little girl has a teacher who values wellbeing and nurture just as high as other areas of learning. 

It also reminded me that this is a question to reflect on often, and at all ages and stages of life. To identify what's filling me up {nourishing me}, perhaps what I need more of and what I can give more of, and definitely what I could do with less of. 


What are you most grateful for this week? What's filling your bucket?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

In sickness & health

We've spent a week sick. And now that we're better, we're enjoying the sweet feeling of health returned and more energy yet still spending much of our days resting, moving gently. Because it seems that's what our bodies are wanting of us right now, and perhaps that's what winter is calling us to do too. 

And while getting sick always upsets me, because I do oh so much to keep my family healthy, I've learnt a couple things this time around. And first is to redefine my thoughts on sick. Because colds and high temps, as much as it's horrible to see your babies unwell and exhausting to care for them when you're feeling much the same - well that's one level of sick that our healthy bodies can fight and handle. And that our bodies bounce back from rather well. So yes we've been sick, but in being so our bodies have shown us how strong and capable they are too. Because we are healthy. 

And while I normally avoid catching what my girls get, this time around I'm pretty confident I had to get sick to realign myself with where I need to be. And turns out where I need to be is where I already am. Right here, just being, not doing more and not doing less, but shuffling things around so there's more time for what matters most. 

I've also been reminded that I have time. I have time. Just saying those words aloud reminds me to slow. To give thanks for now. I made a couple big decisions this past month, and it turns out now I've changed my mind on those. And that's okay. Because slowing to take less on but take in more of right now, it just seems right for me. And us. 


Are you called to slow down this season too? x